Department Name of The Laboratory

Computer Science Engineering

Computer Centre / Internet Lab.

Computer Organisation Lab.

Programming Lab. - I

Computer Project Lab.

Operationg System Lab.

Database Lab.

Server Room / Computer Maintenance Shop

Basic Sciences & Humanities

Physics Lab.

Chemistry Lab.

Communication Practice Lab.

Mechanical Engineering

Workshop - I,II & III

Solid Mechanics Lab.

Heat Power Lab.

Fluid Mechanics Lab.

RAC Lab.

Material Testing And Dynamic Lab.

IC Engine Lab.

Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics Circuit Lab.

Microprocessor Lab.

Communication Engg. Lab.

Digital Processing Lab.

Microwave Lab.

Simulation & VLSI Lab.

Digitala Electronics Lab.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Power Electronics Lab.

Network & Instrumentation Lab.

CBasic Electrical Engg. & Machine Lab.

Civil Engineering

Survey lab

Material lab.

soil lab I

Tansportation lab

Foundation lab

Irrigation lab

Engineering Drawing

Advance transportating