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Transport Facilities


STAR manages a fleet of five institution buses playing on pre - scheduled timing to carry the students from various location of the city to the campus. A student friendly transport facilities are developed for smooth run of academic session. It creates brotherly relationship among the students. All students must utilize these facilities to enhance the academic activity.


Rasulgarh-Vanivihar-Acharya.Vihar.-Nalco Chhaka –Patia- Returned back to Jaydevvihar –Through NH-Via Bermunda-Khandagiri-campus. Through-Panchhasakha.


Rasulgarh–Sahidnagar Hostel-Kalpana-Rajmahal-Gopabandhuchhaka.-Soubhagya Nagar-Jagmara-Khandagiri-To College Campus Via-Jatani ThanaChhaka.